Why Black Policemen Can Be White Supremacists

Laura Jedeed
6 min readJan 30

700 Words About Racism

One of the weirdest and most irritating things about people is that sometimes they totally misunderstand some person or concept, and then when that person or concept works in a different way than they expected they will say “lmao look at this hypocrisy” instead of “hey, maybe I’ve got this wrong somehow.”

Five policemen recently beat a Black man to death, and those policemen happened to also be Black, and now the world’s stupidest people are having the world’s stupidest conversation.

I try very hard to have empathy for everyone. For the most part, people do what they think is right; the problem isn’t their soul but their ideas about what “right” is. I do, however, find it nearly impossible to have empathy for Matt Walsh, the most incurious person in the world. This insufferable dolt has no interest in understanding anything and will in fact go out of his way to avoid anything that looks like knowledge. His is the cult of the cheerfully ignorant: “I know everything worth knowing; everything else is bullshit.” The hubris of it all has me longing for the return of the Greek pantheon and some old-fashioned Hellenistic justice. “And then, as punishment, Hera rendered Matt Walsh incapable of seeing, hearing, or thinking. Nobody noticed the difference.”

“How can Black people be white supremacist” is a question some people are asking in good faith. Others are not. For them, the question is not a question at all but a declaration of victory. Any attempt to actually answer is met with the Twitter equivalent of “Shut up, nerd.”

All that being said, there is an actual shortage of good, concise answers as to how Black people can act in the service of white supremacy. The above video, while correct, also only works for people with a shared understanding of the world usually restricted to people who go to college and/or spend a lot of time on left-wing social media.

Luckily, the well-educated woman in the above video is mistaken about one thing. We do not need a “huge massive lecture” to explain why five Black police officers can act in the…

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