Viktor Orban Speaks

On August 4th, CPAC applauded a fascist. Here’s what Orban had to say

“This is why we have always fought: we are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed-race.”

-Viktor Orban, July 23, 2022

On August 4th, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban walked onstage at CPAC Dallas to rapturous applause. He is an affable tomato of a man: were his white hair green the illusion would be complete. When he speaks, he likes to address the audience as “my friends” with a warmth that makes me feel that he believes it. He…



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Laura Jedeed

Writer, videographer, journalist with opinions. Come, let us walk into the apocalypse together. She/Hers. I’m on Twitter: @LauraJedeed