This Vet is Vermin!

Laura Jedeed
6 min readNov 13, 2023

Get in, Loser: We’re Destroying the American Dream

Flag by 51581; rats by Eden, Janine and Jim, CC license. Modified by Laura Jedeed

Happy belated Veteran’s day: that glorious holiday where, for 24 hours, we are legally allowed to kill anyone who doesn’t say “thank you for your service” or offer us free food. It’s just nice to feel appreciated, you know?

Anyway, here’s how Trump commemorated the occasion this year:

Truth Social post by Donald Trump; too many words to fit into alt text. You can find the full text here:

In this house, we clutch no pearls and pull no punches, and we’re not going to clutch our pearls today. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of 20th century history knows what “vermin” hearkens back to, and also what “rooting out” those “vermin” looks like in practice. The reference is on purpose. It is intended to both rally the base and to entice Radical Leftist Vermin into calling MAGA folks Nazis. Pretty hard to avoid doing that when the Nazi rhetoric gets trotted out and conservatives go, yep. That’s my guy. He’s gonna Make America Great Again.

By the way, here’s the Trump campaign’s official response to people who are worried about the whole “vermin” thing:

Steven Cheung, a Trump campaign spokesman, told The Post “Those who try to make that ridiculous assertion are clearly snowflakes grasping for anything because they are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and their entire existence will be crushed when President Trump returns to the White House.”

“we didn’t say we were going to kill you and if you think we said that? We’re gonna kill you” is some end-stage language. That’s not even a dog whistle. It’s just a whistle.

Here’s the thing, though. Like most of Trump’s promises, he cannot deliver on this one. There is no feasible way to “crush the entire existence” of everyone Trump considers vermin. Over thirty percent of adults in America cast a vote for Joseph Robinette Biden in 2020, which, by MAGA’s deranged definition, makes them Radical Left Thugs. Compare this situation to 1930s Europe, where Jewish people comprised 1.7 percent of the population and the people of Europe were primed to embrace Jewish genocide by millennia of antisemitism. And European countries still didn’t all go that route.

You cannot simply “root out” thirty percent of your body politic and put them into camps. For one thing, it would tank the economy. For another, the people won’t stand for…



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