Down and Out in East Palestine

Laura Jedeed
5 min readFeb 24

Better Trump Water Than Tap Water

Here are a few things that happened in the last couple weeks

  • Biden has made no public statement on the recent East Palestine derailment. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg waited days to acknowledge the disaster
  • Donald Trump went to East Palestine and handed out burgers and water
  • Libs are now making fun of Trump for giving out burgers and water

It’s like they WANT the Republicans to win the 2024 election

I understand why Biden travelled to Ukraine instead of East Palestine last week. I get it. That trip was probably months in the making, it takes a lot of coordination and secrecy and planning to get a President into a war zone and back safely, and Ukraine is important too. None of that explains why Biden didn’t go to East Palestine before his trip, or why he isn’t going now, or why Kamala Harris didn’t go, or why Mayor Secretary Pete took weeks to get there. For SURE Mayor Secretary Pete should have at least mentioned the derailment when he made the Sunday talk show rounds after the State of the Union address a week and a half after the derailment, grandstanding for Biden while the people of Ohio fled from a mushroom cloud of cancer.

Do yourself a favor. Go to The Lever and read/listen to their coverage of the East Palestine train disaster. You might as well hear it from them; as far as I can tell, they’re the ones driving all decent reporting on the issue, the’y’re the ones who’ve forced Mayor Secretary Pete to acknowledge the disaster at all. You should reada them and you should subscribe to them. They’re worth it.

Here’s a story you might have heard elsewhere: in 2015, Obama (and Vice President Joe Biden) passed a regulation that required railroad companies to equip trains carrying hazardous and/or highly flammable cargo with Electronically Controlled Pneumatic brakes instead of the civil-war-era brakes most trains still use today. Then, when Trump took over, he got rid of that regulation. So really this is all Trump’s fault.

Except, actually, even if Trump had left that regulation in place, this specific train still would not have had electronic brakes, because Obama caved to the chemical lobby. Chemicals like Vinyl

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