Colorado Springs Has Metastasized

Laura Jedeed
9 min readNov 25, 2022

This Is The Future The Far Right Wants

In less than a year conservative rhetoric has gone from “of course we support trans people but they should not compete in sports” to “if trans people don’t want to be murdered they should stop being trans.”

Many Conservatives with enormous platforms are calling for mass violence like a supervillain might in a bad superhero movie. But Tim Pool and his horrible friends do not think of themselves as supervillains. They imagine themselves heroes.

It is good to understand what these people think they are doing. It is good even though they will never extend the same courtesy to us, even though they would rather cheer on a killer than ask a simple question; they are fundamentally incurious or perhaps addicted to the feeling of rendering an entire group subhuman, to pinning all the pain and horror of the modern world on something that is easy to shoot. As Matt Walsh put it:

The thing about the Left is: what they believe and what they do, all of it is so horrifying, so perverse, so degraded, that if you just quote them then you somehow sound like the crazy one.

So what is the horrifying thing we believe, Walsh. Let’s hear some quotes.

“”Family friendly drag shows” have two purposes. One, from the drag queen’s perspective, is to satisfy their fetish for cross-dressing in front of children. The other, on a more macro level, is to indocrinate children into queer theory. To put it simply: the point of drag queen story hour and the supposed family-friendly drag shows is to turn your children queer….the people who invented it stated explicitly that that is the point. To help children live queerly. That’s their quote.”

That’s our quote, but it’s their definition. Walsh and people like him do not view queerness as an identity but as a fetish that exclusively involves sexual gratification. He likely does not find a woman and her husband holding hands while wearing matching wedding rings ring perverse or degenerate, even though that ring broadcasts to the world that these sickos are fucking behind closed doors, she’s getting railed, maybe even creampied: look, they have kids. Gross.



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