Not With A Whimper, But A Decades-Long Postcapitalist Scream

When I read that the last Sears store in New York City would close forever in November 2021, I could not believe it. I could not believe that someone cared enough about Sears to write an entire article about it.


Justice for J6: Of, By, and For the Media

At what point, when wagging the dog, does the dog just die?

It is September 18th, 11:15 AM. The Riot Industrial Complex circles like vultures, searching desperately for a single person to interview. The few confused boomers who bothered to show…

The Far Right Cannot Survive Surrender

By Laura Jedeed and M.C. Hawthorne

Remember when Trump’s refusal to concede was funny?

It wasn’t that long ago. Triumphant celebrations of a return to normalcy echoed through social media and across brunch tables everywhere. The fundamental absurdity of Trump’s election fraud claims seemed tailor-made to the specifically-liberal brand of…

I didn’t know JD when he walked up to me and threatened me on camera. But I knew, immediately, that I would.

I know more about JD than I ever wanted to.

I know he worked construction. Lives in Vancouver, Washington. I know what his wife looks like angry and what she looks like crying. I know what his breath smells like and what his eyes look like when he decides you’re…

If an officer beats you in the middle of Portland, and no one is there to see it, did it happen?

“I don’t know why I feel I’ve got to tell you this.”

Like most Portland protesters, she’s young and fully committed to fixing the broken world we’ve handed her. Brave enough to take to the streets despite the brutality of Portland Police and federal agents alike. …

Laura Jedeed

Writer, videographer, journalist with opinions. Come, let us walk into the apocalypse together. She/Hers. I’m on Twitter: @LauraJedeed

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